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ack in the 1970s, Nautilus inventor Arthur Jones had a breakthrough idea: To get bigger and stronger, you have to train harder. But to train harder, you have to train less — to allow your muscles to recover and reload for the next workout.

Everyone thought this was a crazy idea, until they saw the results in the form of some of the most successful bodybuilders in history: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Casey Viator (the youngest ever Mr. America), Sergio Oliva, Franco Columbu, and Mike Mentzer. They were able to build remarkable amounts of muscle in record time — causing shock and amazement in the bodybuilding community.
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Now, in The New High Intensity Training, that 1970s workout has been updated with the most up-to-date scientific discoveries about muscle growth. You'll discover how to increase the intensity of your workout to trigger maximum muscle growth — not with three or more sets, but with one perfectly executed set. You'll do each exercise perfectly, with a fierce amount of intensity, until you reach a point of total muscle failure like you've never experienced before. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger was humbled by this challenging workout!

As a result, you'll see a rapid increase in your muscle strength and mass. But because you also increase your rest, you'll see an improvement in your body's recovery ability. That means you'll be ready for the next intense workout — so instead of tearing your body down, you'll build MASSIVE MUSCLE faster than you ever thought possible.
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